Estimated 1 minute read · Tuesday, 26 June 2018

I've been very quite. A year's worth of quiet to be exact. I'm sorry. I'm still here. I still plan on blogging, just a little differently now and maybe shorter posts.

Writing is hard. Saying goodbye is harder. Writing to say goodbye, for me, is downright a terrible combination.

People are like wood, drifting in the rivers of life. We stick together and sometimes drift apart in times of heavy currents. Some confluences we reach in our lives bring about spine-chilling adventures. This is where I courageously doggy paddle with a thumping heart towards my next destination.

After spending 4 years at DStv it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to - friendly, smart, quirky, silly, funny, sometimes creepy (in a good way of course!), extremely serious and very professional - an array of different types of characters whom I'll miss dearly. I wish you all the best!

With over 11 years of .NET experience I leap outside my comfort zone. I will be writing code in a dialect of LISP. A language I wanted to hack around in since 1999. Booya!

That said, I leave the corporate world behind embarking on a Clojurist voyage at CloudAfrica (a company that really does do affordable cloud hosting). I am immensely anxious yet fired up by this amazing opportunity I was given.

Let the games begin!

Kon'nichiwa ♥

Fail! After I got this domain, only then did I Google its name. Obviously it is being used by a few programmers. The funny thing is that I want to focus a lot on Clojure here to document what I am learning along the way. What are the odds: Juraj Martinka beat me to it being the author of Curious (Clojure) Programmer? Sigh! But check it out, it's pretty cool!

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