Uninstall an app from the terminal

#90 · February 4, 2019 · Estimated 1 minute read

I installed an application. It misbehaved.

I wanted to try out a time tracking app. It should let me track reminders and record activity spent in meetings, out-of-office and on tasks I am working on, etc.

I need to be able to interact with it in the GUI but I couldn't. It appeared to be running in the background but I couldn't find it in the processes.

When I wanted to uninstall it, it didn't list in Software. I tried to reinstall it but, as expected, it moaned that the application was already installed. I didn't get an option to uninstall it from that view.

Now I had an app that didn't run properly with a process I couldn't find and no matter what I tried, I couldn't uninstall it. There had to be a way.

I have Fedora release 28 (Twenty Eight) installed.

I was able to grep through my dnf packages and find the package I was looking for using what I thought it's name should be.

dnf list | grep <the-possible-app-name>

I removed the app based on the actual package name in the dnf repository.

sudo dnf remove <package-name>

I thought something went wrong with the install so I tried it again but it didn't work so I guess I can't run it on Fedora.