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Create a React app with MongoDB and Firebase authentication hosted on Google Cloud Platform

Clarice Bouwer

Software Engineering Team Lead and Director of Cloudsure

Wednesday, 2 November 2022 ·

At the end of this course you would have created a web application that can list things, in this case companies. Authenticated users can rate these companies by clicking on stars and they can comment on them.

Feel free to practice by adding features or changing existing features to and in this project.


  1. Be able to create a simple and pretty full-stack production web application with React and Tailwind CSS.
  2. Know how to connect to a local and remote instance of MongoDB.
  3. Know how to register and sign in users using Firebase Authentication.
  4. Know how to host the web application on AppEngine on Google Cloud Platform (hosting options requires billing to be enabled).


You are able to code, have a good understanding of JavaScript, are comfortable with Git, React and Node.js, are familiar with REST and MongoDB, and have hopefully heard of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Firebase Authentication.

👌 Follow along

You will create this project from scratch with me. You may access or reference the official course repository at any time.

✋ Errata/amendments

Note: I try to delivery quality material but being human falls through the cracks so feel free to make amendments to the course by either commenting in the comments on each page to notify me of any issues you pick up or simply create a Pull Request on GitHub.