I visited the upside down room in Curious Corner, Chamarel, Mauritius

I'm Clarice Bouwer, a Software Engineering Team Lead at Cloudsure, Mauritius

I write code. I share code. I love code.

I am a curious programmer.

VS Code extensions that I use every day

Estimated 2 minute read

I use numerous VS Code extensions to increase productivity and make life easier as a developer and blogger. Here are some of them: Theme Atom One Dark Theme is based on Atom's One Dark theme. It is t…

How to read Node.js environment variables

Estimated 2 minute read

Running a Node app is simple. Sometimes you want to add environment variables that either contain sensitive information or are contextual to the environment you want to run your app on. You can set t…

Utility to fix npm dependencies

Estimated 1 minute read

There is a utility called npm-check that offers the ability to interactively update outdated, incorrect or unused dependencies: Take a look at the switches. It offers way more than just that. Usage S…

How to show filenames in code snippets in Gatsby in Markdown

Estimated 1 minute read

With the gatsby-remark-code-titles plugin. Custom title gets injected and then needs to be styled. Example from docs: Usage This plugin will parse the Markdown AST, pluck the title, and then β€œclean” …

Hack to fix Gatsby image process from stalling

Estimated 1 minute read

Build stuck at running jobs (image transformation) GitHub #34051

Why you will see the error 'Loading chunk \d+ failed'

Estimated 1 minute read

I know of the following reasons why chunks cannot be downloaded: Network errors Inspect the network in the browser dev tools to find out more information about the errors. Resources not found They do…

How to run a single Clojure test from the terminal using Leiningen

Estimated 1 minute read

You may want to target and run a specific test or set of tests when testing your code so that you don't keep executing the entire suite each time you make changes to specific tests. This creates a fa…

Edit your web page content directly in Chrome

Estimated 1 minute read

Executing in the browser console will let you click and type anywhere you want on your page. This is helpful if you want to experiment with text directly on the page instead of in the DOM.

How to unmap a var from a Clojure namespace

Estimated 1 minute read

I was working with a multimethod that I needed to redefine in my REPL and came across this doc. There is an entry that states if you are in the REPL and need to redefine then you will need to unmap t…

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