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Utility to fix npm dependencies

Clarice Bouwer

Software Engineering Team Lead and Director of Cloudsure

Sunday, 9 October 2022 · Estimated 1 minute read

There is a utility called npm-check that offers the ability to interactively update outdated, incorrect or unused dependencies:

npx npm-check --update

Take a look at the switches. It offers way more than just that.


npx npm-check <path> <options>
# Path = Where to check. Defaults to current directory. Use -g for checking global modules.
# Options = Choose from the switches available.
# Help -> npx npm-check --help


Switch Description
-u, --update Interactive update.
-y, --update-all Uninteractive update. Apply all updates without prompting.
-g, --global Look at global modules.
-s, --skip-unused Skip check for unused packages.
-p, --production Skip devDependencies.
-d, --dev-only Look at devDependencies only (skip dependencies).
-i, --ignore Ignore dependencies based on succeeding glob.
-E, --save-exact Save exact version (x.y.z) instead of caret (^x.y.z) in package.json.
--specials List of depcheck specials to include in check for unused dependencies.
--no-color Force or disable color output.
--no-emoji Remove emoji support. No emoji in default in CI environments.
--debug Debug output. Throw in a gist when creating issues on github.