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How to run a single Clojure test from the terminal using Leiningen

Estimated 1 minute read

You may want to target and run a specific test or set of tests when testing your code so that you don't keep executing the entire suite each time you make changes to specific tests. This creates a faster feedback loop for you to build and fix code. …

How to unmap a var from a Clojure namespace

Estimated 1 minute read

I was working with a multimethod that I needed to redefine in my REPL and came across this doc. There is an entry that states if you are in the REPL and need to redefine then you will need to unmap the var because defmulti won't allow you to redef. …

Creating a Clojure solution using IntelliJ

Estimated 2 minute read

I am creating a simple Clojure web app and API. In this post I explore how to create each with the command and what references I need to use. I plan to work on a monolith IntelliJ and git solution so that I don't need to maintain multiple projects …

Logging to Graylog in Clojure

Estimated 2 minute read

It's simple. I wanted to log to Graylog from my Clojure application. I banged my head numerous times trying to figure out how and why it did't want to work. Here's what I did to complete my mission. Graylog Go to System > Inputs > Gelf UDP / TCP > L…

Clojure Buzzwords I am Learning

Estimated 15 minute read

When I first started with Clojure, my mind was foggy and filled with a swarm of buzzwords. There were tools, plugins, libraries, patterns and frameworks with names that were all new to me. This is a blog post of all the buzzwords that I am learning.…

My First Week at CloudAfrica

Estimated 4 minute read

Stay tuned if you are interested to know what I learned, did and achieved in the past week. Maybe something I did could be of interest to you. Only time will tell. Read on. Monday I started the week by saying my goodbyes to the lovely people at Mult…

My First Week at CloudAfrica
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