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How to minify CSS files via CopyWebpackPlugin for Webpack5

Estimated 1 minute read

Goal Emit minified vendor-based CSS files on build. Dependencies Elaborate I have a few unminified vendor CSS files that I simply want to minify and copy to an output directory. These files were not being transformed by terser probably due to the ch…

How to sort your package.json dependencies

Estimated 1 minute read

is short hand for and . "example" is just the name of a package. You can use it verbatim because it will most likely not be in your package.json. Your packages are sorted by running npm remove even if the package "example" doesn't exist. Thanks to …

How to reference a local Webpack npm package

Estimated 1 minute read

With the help of this question and answer from Stack Overflow: Install the local npm package using the file path. Check node_modules to see the installed package. (or depending on the requirements) && (in this example the package exists in the pare…

How can I create a ClojureScript web app from scratch with Reagent and npm?

Estimated 8 minute read

The goal of this guide is to create a basic Reagent ClojureScript web app from scratch using the Clojure CLI tools. We are going to bundle our JavaScript using Webpack, have HMR (Hot Module Replacement - reload components while coding) using Figwhee…

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