All things Tailwind CSS

Create a React app with MongoDB and Firebase authentication hosted on Google Cloud Platform

Estimated 1 minute read

At the end of this course you would have created a web application that can list things, in this case companies. Authenticated users can rate these companies by clicking on stars and they can comment on them. Feel free to practice by adding features…

Create a Jamstack app with Netlify, Astra DB and Tailwind CSS

Estimated 1 minute read

Objectives At the end of this course you would have created a primitive todo React app which integrates with a DataStax Astra DB via Netlify serverless functions and was made pretty with Tailwind CSS. 👌 Follow along This course is a spin-off using t…

How can I use Tailwind in my ClojureScript web app?

Estimated 7 minute read

The goal of this guide is to create a ClojureScript web application with Clojure CLI and integrate with Tailwind CSS. If you are looking to create a shadow-cljs project then you can follow this guide by Jacek Schae. There are a few assumptions and t…

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