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Why you will see the error 'Loading chunk \d+ failed'

Estimated 1 minute read

I know of the following reasons why chunks cannot be downloaded: Network errors Inspect the network in the browser dev tools to find out more information about the errors. Resources not found They don't exist in the correct directory (output > publi…

How to minify CSS files via CopyWebpackPlugin for Webpack5

Estimated 1 minute read

Goal Emit minified vendor-based CSS files on build. Dependencies Elaborate I have a few unminified vendor CSS files that I simply want to minify and copy to an output directory. These files were not being transformed by terser probably due to the ch…

Name CSS Split Chunks using MiniCssExtractPlugin

Estimated 1 minute read

React: 17.0.2 Webpack: 5.67.0 Webpack CLI: 4.9.1 mini-css-extract-plugin 2.5.3 Snippet Objective Bust the cache for CSS files that are emitted on build using Webpack 5 with Split Chunks. Set up one or more CSS files inside a React component. A sing…

How to reference a local Webpack npm package

Estimated 1 minute read

With the help of this question and answer from Stack Overflow: Install the local npm package using the file path. Check node_modules to see the installed package. (or depending on the requirements) && (in this example the package exists in the pare…

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