All things Node

How to read Node.js environment variables

Estimated 2 minute read

Running a Node app is simple. Sometimes you want to add environment variables that either contain sensitive information or are contextual to the environment you want to run your app on. You can set them the moment the process is started. Imagine hav…

Utility to fix npm dependencies

Estimated 1 minute read

There is a utility called npm-check that offers the ability to interactively update outdated, incorrect or unused dependencies: Take a look at the switches. It offers way more than just that. Usage Switches Switch Description -u, --update Interactiv…

Why you will see the error 'Loading chunk \d+ failed'

Estimated 1 minute read

I know of the following reasons why chunks cannot be downloaded: Network errors Inspect the network in the browser dev tools to find out more information about the errors. Resources not found They don't exist in the correct directory (output > publi…

How to minify CSS files via CopyWebpackPlugin for Webpack5

Estimated 1 minute read

Goal Emit minified vendor-based CSS files on build. Dependencies Elaborate I have a few unminified vendor CSS files that I simply want to minify and copy to an output directory. These files were not being transformed by terser probably due to the ch…

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