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The Silver Searcher

August 29, 2019 - Estimated 2 minute read

The utility was designed to replace 99% of the uses of grep. As stated in the man page Ack searches the named input FILEs (or standard input if no files are named, or the file name - is given) for lines containing a match to the given PATTERN . By …

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Greet users with the message of the day

February 15, 2019 - Estimated 1 minute read

The message of the day is known as motd. It's used to send a message to users after logging into a shell, commonly used on hosts. You can generate ASCII art and paste it into the motd file to spice things up. I found that offers a nice w…

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Cisco ASA cheat sheet

February 10, 2019 - Estimated 3 minute read

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliancy is known as the Cisco ASA. It is used to protect networks and data centres. It offers firewall, VPN and facilitates dynamic routing amongst other features and capabilities. It runs on Linux using a single Executable…

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Getting started with Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance in AWS

February 9, 2019 - Estimated 5 minute read

I work with NATs and ACLs on Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) in the terminal. I want a sandbox environment for me to go bonkers. I couldn't find an image from Cisco to download and install so I chose to go shopping on the AWS Marketplace. I …

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Migrate my search from Solr to Elasticsearch

February 5, 2019 - Estimated 6 minute read

An NRT (near-realtime) search platform. It's about a one second delay from the time a document is indexed until it is searchable. I have been using Solr for my search but have been wanting to migrate to Elasticsearch for experience in this technolog…

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Installing Elasticsearch and Kibana

February 5, 2019 - Estimated 6 minute read

An NRT (near-realtime) search platform. It's about a one second delay from the time a document is indexed until it is searchable. Elasticsearch Installation There are a lot of ways to install Elasticsearch and on many different platforms. Pick your …

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Uninstall an app from the terminal

February 4, 2019 - Estimated 1 minute read

I installed an application. It misbehaved. I wanted to try out a time tracking app. It should let me track reminders and record activity spent in meetings, out-of-office and on tasks I am working on, etc. I need to be able to interact with it in the…

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Set $JAVA_HOME in Linux

February 2, 2019 - Estimated 1 minute read

$JAVA_HOME an environment variable. It is the root path of the JRE or JDK which some applications and services use to access Java. I know that Java is installed but its not in the path , the output is empty. Configure for single user Open the shell…

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Working With Git Remotes

January 29, 2019 - Estimated 4 minute read

I have a repository with two remotes. origin is my personal repository and bitbucket is by BitBucket repository. The nugget of this post is to push to both branches in one command. The git remote command lets you create, view, and delete connections…

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Create a symlink for hidden files

January 27, 2019 - Estimated 1 minute read

I want to create a symlink for all hidden files excluding the hidden directories. I want to put my configuration files in my home directory into version control. I need to exclude the hidden directories because they contain binaries and what not. Us…

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Why I Create Atomic Commits In Git

January 26, 2019 - Estimated 3 minute read

I wrote about crafting changes into small atomic commits using Git. It looked like there was some confusion. I want to share what I understand about atomic and monolithic commits and why I create atomic commits in Git. I got a question in Reddit by …

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How To Craft Your Changes Into Small Atomic Commits Using Git

January 15, 2019 - Estimated 7 minute read

Small, atomic commits makes it easier for code reviews, browsing the history and reverting changes. Life happens and commits can touch more lines and files than I want but the changes committed should be distinct. "Don't mix your apples with your to…

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Using the tar Command in Linux

January 14, 2019 - Estimated 10 minute read

I used to right-click on a zipped file and manage the archive using the GUI. Gone are those days. Now I mainly work with tar files and need a cheat sheet to remember the commands for the terminal. 😊 You can find that at the end of this post. This po…

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Checking Disk Usage in Linux

January 13, 2019 - Estimated 11 minute read

I had to find out much free space was available on a file system on a Linux server. Now getting this information on the GUI is simple - a few clicks, modals and stuff, but the server doesn't have a GUI so it's off to the terminal I go 😋 The other sc…

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